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About Us

About Us

C Mo Blessings was birthed from our love and passion for faith, family and friends.  Our brand is simple - sharing God's love.  It's perfectly fine to be a Believer in God and express it by wearing C Mo Blessings apparel.  We are fueled by Pray-Wait-Watch and C Mo Blessings, forgive and C Mo Blessings, be kind and C Mo Blessings, repent and C Mo Blessings, keep God's commandments and C Mo Blessings, faithfulness and C Mo Blessings, and we could go on because that's just how good God is.  C Mo Blessings has been called to share God's many promises in an effort to win souls to Christ.  C Mo Blessings prayed on it and was guided to launch a t-shirt business with scripture, inspirational and encouraging quotes.  Shout out to my sister Nola and Fiverr artists Samurai and Faiza, who helped out with a few of the designs.  There is so much power and purpose in wearing a shirt that expresses you including apparel that show off your love for God.  We offer women and men apparel - a little something for everyone so wear your faith proudly.   

-Mission Encourage the world one person at a time with faith-based and inspirational apparel that prayerfully motivates a relationship with God.
-Vision That C Mo Blessings be the choice for faith-based and inspirational apparel that encourage others to grow in faith and live out their best, God-glorifying life that you were created for. 
God's Grace is Sufficient