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About Us

About Us

C Mo Blessings was birthed from my love and passion for faith, family and friends.  One day in the Summer of 2018 I heard God speak to me, and give me an assignment to share his love and promises with as many people as possible to help win more souls to Christ.  It was put on my heart to connect with others by introducing in some manner encouragement and hope, and through prayer I thought what better way than to start a conversation over a t-shirt with a biblical or inspirational quote.  The C Mo Blessings brand is simple - sharing God's love with faith-based apparel items - one person at a time.  It's perfectly fine to be a Believer in God and express it by wearing C Mo Blessings shirt or hoodie.  We are fueled by Pray-Wait-Watch and C Mo Blessings, forgive and C Mo Blessings, be kind and C Mo Blessings, repent and C Mo Blessings, keep God's commandments and C Mo Blessings, faithfulness and C Mo Blessings, and we could go on and on because that's just how good God is.  On my journey of entrepreneurship I am able to sell shirts and pillows while sharing God's love, goodness and mercy, which brings me such joy!  We offer women and men apparel - a little something for everyone so wear your faith proudly.   If you happen to see an item but not the color you desire or size, please reach out to me via email, so I may try to accommodate you.  Come on this journey with me and wear a C Mo Blessings shirt that expresses your love for God.  As a Believer I know that loving God is the prerequisite for living my best glorifying life. 

P.S. Shout out to my sister Nola and Fiverr artists Samurai and Faiza, who helped out with a few of the designs. 

-Mission: Encourage the world one person at a time with faith-based and inspirational apparel that prayerfully motivates a relationship with God.

-Vision: That C Mo Blessings be the choice for faith-based and inspirational apparel that encourage others to grow in faith and live out their best, God-glorifying life that you were created for. 
Peace and mega blessings.  God's Grace is Sufficient