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Welcome to C Mo Blessings

Hi and welcome! I am Colleen, the blessed beyond measure owner of C Mo Blessings. C Mo Blessings was birthed from my love for faith, family and friends. All my life I knew my purpose was to influence positively, lift others up and bring people together. I have always been a person that loved to fellowship and to share what God has done in my life, and then one day in 2018 God gave me an assignment to share his many promises to help win more souls. It was put on my heart to connect with people by introducing t-shirts with biblical quotes and encouraging words. I thought what better way than to start a conversation over a t-shirt. I immediately understood the primary assignment was to plant seeds of faith and leave the rest to God. I believe everything starts with a seed coupled with watering but only God makes things grow (1 Corinthians 3:6-8). On my journey of entrepreneurship I am able to sell t-shirts while sharing God's goodness and mercy, and this brings me such joy! C Mo Blessings overall mission is simple - to encourage the world one person at a time to try God and/or grow in your spiritual relationship. Come on this journey with me and wear a C Mo Blessings t-shirt that expresses your love for God. As a Believer I know that loving God is the prerequisite for living our best, God-glorifying life. Let's keep each other lifted in the prayer. Peace & Mega Blessings

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